Screen Capture Diary

  1. Picking Out Pictures
  2. Hesitations and judgments
  3. Head moving up and down with observations
  4. “Always like text, it kind of tells a story.”
  5. Decides what to do with text
  6. I pull words out making them independent of syntax.
  7. Abandoned, unauthorized, complete list of things (warning, thicksmoke, Dim Lights, Loud Music)
  8. Worried about grammar – semi-colon usage. This worry comes from years of wrestling with colon semi-colon usage; but at this point in the process, it doesn’t seem to hinder the creative “flow.”
  9. Open New document
  10. I orally explain why I chose to to flash fiction and a little about what it is.
  11. I comment about trimming finger nails, reducing descriptive phrases, and begin writing.
  12. After each sentence my eyes scan backwards and I read the last of the previous sentence, then I write more. It takes about five minutes to complete the first two sentences because I go back and edit words that don’t seem to express what I am feeling in my head. Partly, this hesitation seem to come from an attempt to pin-point words that allude to behavior that works as metaphor for a more general social condition.
  13. The next seventy-three words come easily, as I know where the story is headed by now.
  14. I am mouthing paragraph up till this point trying to find the route around a temporary mental block.
  15. I have to look at my hands when I type which is a real bummer – yawn, worried about fitting these activities into a prersentation. (There is some added angst since this writing will be judged on multiple levels. I wonder about the way that I feel – judgment as opposed to facility. I think as a student it would be better to think that this project will be critiqued and allowed time to evolve – which is probably what we will do, but I think the average student feels judged – maybe that’s my own neurosis.)
  16. The ten minute session comes to an end.
  17. Stopping place – not sure where the story is going. Thinking about Edgar Allen Poe and starting a story from the end. Starting from the end is not what I do though. “He order a long Island and leaned against the greasy bar.” (huffing an puffing and reading back to gain momentum).
  18. Laughter – everything is a descriptive phrase (what I am suppose to be reducing).
  19. Sound of typing. Head down = writing / head up = editing. This movement from down to up occurs ever five seconds or so in a rhythm that makes me dizzy to watch. (Mouthing words).
  20. Looking off into the distance (trying to imagine?)
  21. “Bad Speller” – back to writing.
  22. “Getting kinda cold in my basement. I’m gonna haveta take a pause.” (yawn)
  23. I finish the initial story in a couple of hours. During this time, I went upstairs three times to either get coffee or play the piano.
  24. I am now back at my desk to edit the story. My process here begins with highlighting different phrases that need to be changed.
  25. I highlight crowed, clammy, with bodies rolling and pushing and shrieking, that it is a popper, throat lubrication, reward is offered.
  26. I am rereading the last half, as I think about words.
  27. “Want to change that—trying to keep gender to a minimum – have to concentrate because my mind wanders.”
  28. I spend the next five minutes weaving back and forth between paragraphs and changing words that don’t seem to express the correct thought. As usual, my head moves up and down moving between mental editing and physical interaction with the text.
  29. “While that video was being made into an mp4 file, I went ahead and made some changes.”
  30. Editing continues. Editing happens quickly compared to the initial writing process, but there are more things to be done.
  31. “I should have made a copy of my highlighted text…” I am thinking about the end product of process.
  32. The final minutes are spent repeating earlier behaviors with the exception that I rest my head on my hands from time to time. I do not know whether this is because I am tired, or because I feel that I am coming to the end of this present task either way, it seems that I have decided to finish up for the day and come back with a more critical eye at a latter time.
  33. The two versions that I have written up to this point can be viewed at To get to them you must navigate to “look inside the box” and click on the title – either “Kevin Gates 1”’ or Kevin Gates 2.”