The Box

This is a collection of items from everyday experiences that can be arranged in whatever way seems best to you.
This is a collection of items from everyday experiences that can be arranged in whatever way seems best to you.

This Page is a Box…

My Assignment from Dr. Christy Desmet’s “Theory of Rhetoric and Composition” Class,

Composing Process Model

In the first part of the semester, we will be exploring the writing process from different points on the rhetorical triangle that is attributed (however wrongly) to Aristotle. You will encounter as well a number or models and diagrams to explain the process, its constituent parts, and their relation to one another. Construct and explain your own model of the so-called “composing process.” When constructing your model, you might want to consider a couple of factors brought up by Ede and Lunsford in their discussion of audience: “elegance” and “predictive” capacity. You’ll also want to consider the local contexts of media and tools in both the models we have inherited and in your own writing methods and practices.

The Concept

            What is writing in and out of the box?

I have notice that almost everything that people make tends to be stored in boxes. Our homes are boxes for people, our cars are boxes for travel, our beds are boxes for sleep, we work in boxes and teach in boxes, and we write in boxes called paragraphs that contain words to explain the boxes that we live in. A quick look at google images reveals storage boxes, bread boxes, tool boxes, box trucks, cigar boxes, and many more.

(In part, my response to this assignment has been inspired by the article “Box Logic” by Geoffrey Sirc.)IMG_0444

In his paper, Sirc states that “A primary goal now in my writing classes: to show my stu
dents how their compositional future is assured if they can take an art stance to the every-day, suffusing the materiality of daily life with an aesthetic. It’s learning this possibly new, possibly foreign, reflexive art-attitude towards the stuff of their lives, “participating in the common life while holding [themselves] strictly apart from it” (Rosenberg 78).

I don’t pretend to be following Sirc’s process of collections-as-art entirely, but I think that an extension of this paradigm might easily be to write a creative piece based on artifacts that we gather from everyday life.

 My Process for story # 1

 My nascent process for this web site begins with a consideration of the assignment.

During the process of consideration, I received an e-mail asking for submissions to a Flash-Fiction contest.

I thought that the idea of writing a piece of fiction restrained by a word count parameter might be an interesting place to start.

I decided to mix ideas from Sirc’s writing with Flash Fiction by collecting images and placing them in my digital box. These artifacts collected on a trip to the University of Albama became the cornerstones for my short piece of fiction.

A web-site seemed to be the best place to develop a digital box that could contain all the elements of this entire process, so I created Inside these pages you will find all the elements collected for this process plus a final analysis of the work that I have done overall.

Let’s Go To The Box!